October 2015 Newsletter

Oct 15 2015

Attached is the Newsletter for October 2015 Thank You “This Run’s For Jack” Sponsors: Congratulations 2015 Jack’s Marathon Team – Chicago  …

Why We Run: David was 27!

Oct 01 2015

I run for my boyfriend, David (who can’t run) … as my last promise to him. Early on in our relationship, David…

September 2015 Newsletter

Sep 06 2015

Attached is 2015 September Newsletter  

April 2015 Newsletter

Apr 06 2015

Attached is April 2015 Newsletter  

TRFJ2015 Invite to Family Tent

Oct 18 2015

A Special Invitation for Sunday, October 18, 2015  

Coping with the Holidays after a Loss

Dec 30 2015

SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS For those still mourning the loss of a spouse, child, parent or other loved one, that first holiday season…

Family Tent at “This Run’s For Jack”

Oct 23 2015

Family Tent Greets Over 600. The vision of Board Member, Stacie Fallon. Each year families who have been affected by melanoma are…

Why We Run: Team Dave Strong and Courageous

Oct 18 2015

WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL STRONG OR COURAGEOUS September 21, 2015 / Laura Crosby Dear Baby David, I know you’re with Jesus, but…

2015 Alison Burelbach

May 20 2015

Jack H. Marston II “Game On” Scholarship Winner The Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund Board of Directors is pleased to announce…

Virtual Runner

Oct 18 2015

Any Race … Any Time … Any Where WHAT IS A VIRTUAL RUN? There are no rules, no finish times, no distance…