We’re honored to share a few testimonials from participants at the 5k and from our marathon team members. We love hearing from you!  Your good word and encouraging thoughts give us the Strength, Passion, and Focus to continue “fighting melanoma every step of the way

“I was able to participate in your 5k in October. It was extremely emotional for me as I drove in the parking lot to see the mass of people participating in your event. The cause is so personal … I just wept in my car for awhile before I pulled myself together and was a part of something that I will remember forever. You all are amazing and such an inspiration! Thank you for your efforts, and I applaud your success for a cause which needs to find an answer.”
TRFJ Participant

Why We Run: 2022 Jack’s Marathon Team Chicago

Mar 28 2022

Why We Run … Katherine (Cambridge, MA) “I hope to raise awareness for melanoma and skin cancer in general, as well as…

Why We Run: Elise (Berlin2020)

Mar 07 2020

Why We Run: Carrie (Berlin2020)

Feb 18 2020

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Why We Run: Greg (Boston2020)

Feb 18 2020

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Why We Run TRFJ2015 Testimonials

Nov 30 2015

This Run’s For Jack 2015 Testimonials Why We Run:  Just a few of the stories shared by participants at TRFJ2015 I’m a…

TRFJ: Five Kilometers of Encouragement and Community

Oct 25 2015

Glenbard West High School Hannah Jackman, Contributing Writer, October 15, 2015 As a highly charitable and involved community, we hear about 5k fundraisers…

Why We Run: Missing Sally’s Smile

Sep 01 2014

Over the past few years, I have taken up endurance sports and have had an amazing time participating in races of various…

Why We Run: JMT 2013

Oct 08 2013

2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Jack’s Team – Thank you for all you do! Click on each runner’s name to learn…

TRFJ: Miles for Big Mike

Oct 20 2011

Juneman/Watson Family 2011 Official Race Starter Hi. My name is Kris Watson and I found out about “This Run’s for Jack” back…

TRFJ 2011: Papa’s Team

Oct 16 2011

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with you at one of your skin cancer screenings. My name is Ellen and…