Bank of America Chicago Marathon





Jack’s Marathon Team Welcomes Runners who have their own entry.



Despite coming from different backgrounds and levels of running experience, each of our team members share a passion for the cause. Many of them are survivors, family members of survivors, or lost a loved one to melanoma. It is their dedication that helps spread awareness and educate others in the fight against this disease.




  • Limited Time Offer: Jack’s Marathon Team covers your $195 entrance fee into the Chicago Marathon.
  • Personal website for online fundraising.
  • Jack’s Team Swag – ASICS tech race shirt, hat, sunscreen, lip balm, longsleeve cotton shirt and more.
  • FREE team training by RRCA certified coach and past Jack’s Marathon Team member.
    • Live Video chats with the Team Coach and Team Personal Trainer.
    • Facebook Group Page for sharing ideas and experiences with your teammates.
    • Team/Group Runs (at varied locations)
    • Nutrition Tips
    • Weekly Coaching
    • Individualized Training Schedules
  • Team incentive prizes for meeting or exceeding fundraising goals.
  • Team Pasta Dinner – Free to Jack’s Team members.
  • Race Day Rally Stop for Supporters (13.2 mile).
  • Race Day Hospitality Room at the Congress Hotel (only a few steps from the start line).
    • Convenient Gear Check in room
    • Massage
    • Food and Beverage
    • Indoor Restrooms
    • Family Members Welcome


  • All runners joining the team are encouraged to raise $1,000 (pre-drawing) and $1,500 (post-drawing).
  • Fundraising Minimum: 
    • $1,500 (Post Drawing Minimum).
    • $500 (Legacy, Time Qualifier, Runner with own bib) 

Alumni (Contact us for details)


What if I don’t meet the minimum fundraising?

As a member of the Jack’s Team, we’re counting on you to fulfill your event’s stated fundraising minimum. Remember, it’s not just a race – you’re helping save lives! We’re also bound by our mission and by our agreement with each race event, so we have an obligation to enforce these minimum fundraising commitments.That’s why, if you don’t reach your goal, you will be required to make a personal donation to fulfill the balance. Your credit card will be charged for any balance at the conclusion of the event.

The specific date that your card will be charged is determined by the specific Jack’s Fund guidelines for your event.

But don’t worry – raising money is way easier than you think, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Be sure to take advantage of the many tools and tips we offer to help you meet your fundraising goals.

What if I get injured:

Once you commit to your fundraising minimum, participants are expected to reach the minimum regardless of injury or if you decide to participate in the event.


Transportation, hotel, registration and meet or exceed the fundraising goal.

  • Submit registration paperwork or click button above.
    • Copy of Fundraising Commitment 
    • valid credit card information
    • Copy of Waiver
    • Register with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon using the Jack’s Team unique link


Team Fundraising Success

Since 2005, Jack’s Marathon Teams have raised over $700,000 to support vital research, raise awareness and provide healing approved or provided by Jack’s Fund.

What We Do:
  • Funding research to outsmart the disease.
  • Doing everything we can to prevent the disease.
  • Empowering, informing and supporting melanoma families.
  • Advocating for public policies.
  • Rallying melanoma families to get involved in the fight

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