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Past Newsletters dated 2004 – 2018. Read about our research donations, awareness events, TRFJ testimonials, marathon team stories, gala honoring and much more. Sign up for the newsletter to stay current on all the latest Jack’s Fund events.

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TRFJ2019 Registration is Open!

Jul 14 2019

JOIN US!  More than just a 5k. VIP Parking for early bird registration / Sponsorships welcome / Proceeds support shade shelters at…

February E-News: Love the Skin You’re In

Feb 18 2019

Give your skin a little extra TLC this Valentine’s Day!  CHECK it over for any unusual spots.  Early detection is key to…

TRFJ2018 Thank You! What. A. Day.

Oct 26 2018


TRFJ2018 Registration is Open!

Aug 22 2018

Join us on October 14 for the 15th Annual “This Run’s for Jack”.          

March Newsletter…Spring Ahead

Mar 14 2018

Click on the image for March 2018 Newsletter

2018 Chicago Marathon Entries

Mar 26 2018

It’s your lucky day … 2018 Chicago Marathon Entries still available and your $195 entry fee is paid by Jack’s Team.

Holiday Wishes!

Dec 22 2017

  Click here for Holiday Newsletter.

Why We Run Betsy 2017JMT-NYC

Oct 27 2017

I’m Betsy Groton, and I’m running the NYC Marathon in honor of my mother, Maddi, who died of Melanoma in September 2012.…

This Run’s For Jack 2017 Recap and Results

Oct 26 2017

Click Here:  TRFJ2017 Newsletter Click here for more Photos. Click here for Results.

Newsletter – TRFJ2017 Final Reminder

Oct 01 2017

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