Why We Run: Erich’s Stage IV Melanoma

Sep 08 2023

“Where’s daddy,” he asked. He knew something was amiss. “He’s staying at the hospital for a little bit so the doctors can…

Why We Run: Elise (Berlin2020)

Mar 07 2020

Why We Run: Jennifer Swender (JMT-NYC 2013)

May 08 2019

  In 2008, I lost my sister to melanoma. In 2013 I was proud to run the NYC marathon as part of…

Why We Run: Tracy (JMT-Chi 2019)

May 02 2019

Every hour of every day one American life is lost to this awful disease.   In the hour between 2am and 3am…

Why We Run Betsy 2017JMT-NYC

Oct 27 2017

I’m Betsy Groton, and I’m running the NYC Marathon in honor of my mother, Maddi, who died of Melanoma in September 2012.…

Honorable Michael Czaja

Jul 30 2017

The Honorable Michael F. Czaja, of Chicago, passed away Monday, July 24, 2017 after fighting a long battle with lymphoma. Michael loyally…