Why Jack’s Fund?


This Cause is Personal

The Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund is committed to reflecting Jack’s values of determination, tenacity, compassion, and the competitive spirit that made him determined to beat melanoma. Our vision reflects the foundation of four pillars – Research, Awareness, Education and Healing, and we are committed to maximizing every dollar raised to fund programs in these four vital areas. Based on these four pillars, our mission and vision statements guide, influence and frame all that we do. In Jack’s memory, we hope to draw a step closer to the cure for melanoma, while building awareness for the prevention and early detection of the disease. Together we are making a difference!


With very low overhead, we are able to consistently direct 90% of funds raised to research, awareness and healing programs approved or provided by Jack’s Fund. Our annual 990-EZ is prepared and filed by Gurdak & Associates and open to public inspection.  Click here to view Allocation of Funds.

Research. Awareness. Education. Healing.

A question we are often asked … Why not just donate to research? Because we believe changing behaviors, raising awareness and offering free skin screenings are key to beating this disease and just as critical as funding research (read more). Melanoma is the easiest of all cancers to self-detect at an early stage while it is still curable. Unfortunately, when not caught early, melanoma is among the most malignant and incurable of all cancers. We’re proud to support cutting edge research and those efforts are measured in the disbursement of over $300k. Equally important, are the many lives saved due to education and awareness. Lives that may have been unnecessarily lost before a reliable and affordable cure is developed. 


  • $5000 Donation Funds Four New Shade Shelters
  • A Closer Look at Melanoma at St. Jude
    Isaiah Mainer recently took part in the Pediatric and Adolescent Melanoma Referral Clinic created for children who were treated at other institutions. “At St. Jude, we could fill in unanswered …
  • Shade Structures
    Jack’s Fund pledges $11,000 to shade structures at College of Dupage Children’s Center.…
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    PEDIATRIC MELANOMA: Jack’s Fund pledges $3,000 and matching donor doubles, raising the total to $9,000. Read Thank you letter here.…
  • $10,000 Matching Funds Disbursed to Research
    Volley for the Cure raises $5,000 for Jack’s Fund. Jack’s Fund matches donations and presents check for $10,000 to the research efforts of Dr. Richards (oncologist to both Kim and Jack) …
  • St. Jude Children’s Hospital
    Jack’s Fund donates $7,500 to Pediatric Melanoma Research:  Disbursement Letter [button url=”http://jacksfund.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/St.-Jude-hospital2.pdf” text=”Read …
  • Sunscreen Initiative
    $12,000 DUPAGE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES GET SUNSCREEN DONATIONS FOR SKIN CANCER PROTECTION Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund Delivering 2,500 Bottles of Sunscreen to Area High Schools. Part of Broader …
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