Melanoma Stories

Personal Stories and Tributes

Many have shared their personal stories to help bring awareness to this disease and offer support and encouragement to others going through similar challenges.

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Why We Run: Stan Sher’s Journey

Feb 23 2016

Stanley Sher of Washington, D.C. was diagnosed with an aggressive form of melanoma in 2013. After several failed treatments and surgeries, he…

Why We Run: My Dad, Lenny

Nov 26 2015

On March 3rd at 7:16 pm, I got the e-mail I had been so anxiously anticipating for the last 4 years –…

Why We Run: For my friend and mentor, Dave

Nov 01 2015

From 2010-2013, I worked for USA Volleyball and even had the opportunity to coach USA beach volleyball in the 2012 Olympics. While…

Why We Run: My Dad, Bob Muckley

Oct 26 2015

I run to support melanoma research in memory of my father, Bob Muckley. Dad was always my biggest fan since the day…

Ocular Melanoma

Jul 26 2015

Greetings Jack’s Fund: I have been running the 5K in October for many years. While I did not know Jack, the race is important…

April 2015 Newsletter

Apr 06 2015

Attached is April 2015 Newsletter  

Why We Run: Mama G

Nov 26 2014

As you may know, Mama G (aka Carolyn Grin) has Stage Four melanoma. You may also know that she continues to fight…

Why We Run: A Salute to the Major

Oct 16 2014

“He was a rock in my life I never thought I’d lose, and I’m running this race in his honor.” In 2011,…

Why We Run: Remembering George

Oct 12 2013

The other day, Jack’s Fund’s Facebook page featured a story about why a certain individual was running the marathon, in honor of…

Why We Run: JMT 2013

Oct 08 2013

2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Jack’s Team – Thank you for all you do! Click on each runner’s name to learn…