Jack’s Marathon Team

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Why We Run: My Dad, Jim Ryan

Oct 26 2014

On October 12th, I will be running my first marathon in honor of my Dad. My Dad, Jim Ryan, was known and…

Why We Run: A Salute to the Major

Oct 16 2014

“He was a rock in my life I never thought I’d lose, and I’m running this race in his honor.” In 2011,…

Why We Run: Missing Sally’s Smile

Sep 01 2014

Over the past few years, I have taken up endurance sports and have had an amazing time participating in races of various…

Meet the Coach

Apr 11 2014

Welcome to Jack’s Marathon Team! My name is Everett Phillips and I am the official coach for Jack’s Team. I look forward to training and running with you this year.

Why We Run: Remembering George

Oct 12 2013

The other day, Jack’s Fund’s Facebook page featured a story about why a certain individual was running the marathon, in honor of…

Why We Run: JMT 2013

Oct 08 2013

2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Jack’s Team – Thank you for all you do! Click on each runner’s name to learn…

Meet Carmen

Apr 10 2013

Welcome to Jack’s Team! Congratulations and welcome to Jack’s Team. We are very excited and honored you decided to run with Jack’s…

Why We Run: JMT 2010

Oct 11 2010

Bank of America Chicago Marathon Runners’ Stories Each year we ask our runners to share with us and each other what drew…

Why We Run: Remembering Brian

Oct 10 2010

I have been running with Glen Ellyn Runners (GER) since we moved to Batavia in 2001. Jack H. Marston II was also…

TRFJ: Remembering Jill

Oct 10 2009

The Green Team at “This Run’s For Jack” July 29, 1967-September 20, 2009 – Picture taken August 15, 2009 Jill was a…