Treatment Blocking Melanoma Metastasis May be on the Horizon

Feb 27 2017

Findings show that the metastatic potential of a cancer may be dependent on what we eat, since the newly identified factor depends on fat to do its work.

NFL Won’t Turn Pink In 2017

Jan 24 2017

A Crucial Catch – After eight straight Octobers of painting fields, cleats, and helmets with pink ribbons, the NFL has decided to…

Minnesota has highest incidence rate of melanoma in Midwest

Jan 06 2017

January 6, 2017: Despite increased efforts to raise public awareness about the prevention and early detection of melanoma, a growing proportion of…

Research Study: Indoor tanning age restriction could have a significant impact on melanoma incidence

Dec 20 2016

An age restriction on indoor tanning could save thousands of lives and millions of dollars, according to new research published online in…

Advanced Head and Neck Melanomas Often Found Where They’re Hardest to See

Sep 07 2016

Melanoma News Today: Advanced-stage cutaneous head and neck melanomas are diagnosed more often on the scalp or back of the neck than toward the front of…

Aging Influences Melanoma Response to Therapies, but Antioxidants Could Provide Answer

May 02 2016

April 2016: The risk of developing cancer increases with age as accumulated damage to the cells and chronic inflammation arise over time. In…

Melanoma associated with moles have better prognosis.

Aug 29 2016

Melanoma News Today – Nevus-associated melanomas, or melanomas that are associated with a mole, are less likely to have an adverse histopathology…


Jun 21 2016

A STRETCHABLE PATCH THAT MONITORS SUN EXPOSURE If you purchase La Roche-Posay sunscreen this summer, it may come with a complimentary device…

There is NO Such Thing as a Health Tan!

Apr 27 2016

Cosmopolitan (2016): If you’re lucky enough to find yourself on a beach sometime this winter, you might be inclined to “prep” your skin for…

Coconut Oil as Sunscreen and Other Vicious Lies

May 02 2016

In the quest to avoid potentially harmful chemicals in commercial sunscreens; bloggers, parents, and marketers have been rekindling the notion of “natural…