Why We Run: A Salute to the Major

“He was a rock in my life I never thought I’d lose, and I’m running this race in his honor.”

In 2011, Eric Baker and Justin Glancy ran on Jack’s Team to honor the memory of Major Steven Ochs.

Major Steven Ochs

Major Steven Ochs

This year, we welcome the Major’s son, Ross Ochs, to Jack’s Marathon Team.

Ross is running the 2014 Chicago Marathon and submitted the following story about his dad.

Rather than set up a separate page for this heartfelt tribute … we thought it best to just continue the salute and add it to what was written by Eric and Justin.

“The reason I run, along with the reason I joined the Marine Corps, has always been hard for me to explain. 

I know why in my heart beyond a doubt, but verbalizing it is difficult. 

The answer, I think, is the bond between a father and son. 

My father nurtured my interest in the aforementioned subjects by setting an unquestionable example. 

He could have easily driven me away by forcing me to partake, but instead, he showed me what being a man was, and I naturally developed a love for running and the Marine Corps. 

I couple both running and the Marines because, to me, they’re inseparable. 

I lost my dad to Melanoma, and the day it became real to me was actually months later … when I picked up the phone to call him after a race, realizing I was never going to call him again. 

Then, I thought the father/son bond had been severed … but I know now it wasn’t. 

I run because a father had enough love for his son to let him choose his own path, and shared every step with him.”

Strength and Honor,


~ Ross Ochs (2014JMT-Chi)

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2011 – Eric Baker and Justin Glancy

Two Athletes – Two Marathons – Both to Honor “The Major” Steve Ochs

Melanoma seems to rob us of the best of the best.

This year, Eric Baker is running the Marine Corps Marathon and Justin Glancy is running the Chicago Marathon. Both are running in memory of Major Steve Ochs, who impacted each of their lives greatly.

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Eric says,
“This past November I lost a dear friend, Steve Ochs, to melanoma after he fought a courageous battle. Steve was just 51. He retired as a Major in the United States Marine Corps after 23 years of service to his beloved country. It is hard to find the right words to describe Steve, but selfless, loyal, and dispenser of good advice are a good start. My desire is two-fold. The first is to honor Steve’s life. The second is to raise money for melanoma research and awareness through Jack’s Team.  Steve was truly one in a million.  It’s hard to put into words what a good man he was.”


Justin shared this message about Steve:
“To say that Steve Ochs had an impact on my life is an understatement. He was a true gentleman, a true friend and a great role model for all those he came in contact with. My second “dad” was also a marathon runner.  I ran my first marathon last year (2010) after he encouraged and helped me train. It would be an honor to represent him and Mr. Marston by running in my second Chicago Marathon.”

Steve Ochs’ devotion to family, competitive spirit, never give up attitude and ability to inspire the best in others are qualities that are strikingly similar to Jack Marston. We at Jack’s Fund believe that, had they known each other, Jack Marston and Steve Ochs would have been good friends.

We are honored to have Eric and Justin on Jack’s Team.

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