Why We Run: Tim and Susan (NYC2017)

May 29 2019

In October 2015 I ran the Chicago Marathon with my wife, my sisters and my brother-in-law. I had run a few marathons…

Why We Run: Jennifer Swender (JMT-NYC 2013)

May 08 2019

  In 2008, I lost my sister to melanoma. In 2013 I was proud to run the NYC marathon as part of…

Why We Run Betsy 2017JMT-NYC

Oct 27 2017

I’m Betsy Groton, and I’m running the NYC Marathon in honor of my mother, Maddi, who died of Melanoma in September 2012.…

Why We Run: Melissa (2017JMT-NYC)

Mar 21 2017

Jack’s Marathon Team – NYC2017: Melissa Megias story … I’ve chosen Jack’s Fund for a very personal reason. In 2012, my journey with Melanoma began and…

Why We Run: My Dad, Lenny

Nov 26 2015

On March 3rd at 7:16 pm, I got the e-mail I had been so anxiously anticipating for the last 4 years –…

September 2015 Newsletter

Sep 06 2015

Attached is 2015 September Newsletter  


Jun 12 2015

Exercise, mental health, nutrition — these are all areas that can affect how someone lives during and after cancer treatment. Adopting better…

Why We Run – NYC 2014

Oct 31 2014

2014 JACK’S MARATHON TEAM – NYC Two members from our New York marathon team share their stories.     Jody Ziebarth (JMT-NYC)…

Why We Run: For Kimberly

Sep 10 2014

JACK’S MARATHON TEAM – Chicago 2014 RACING TO SAVE LIVES My wife, Kim, was diagnosed with Melanoma in early 2012 (just over…

Why We Run: E.Phillips

Sep 04 2015

JACK’S MARATHON TEAM – CHICAGO WHY WE RUN:  EVERETT PHILLIPS (JMT-Coach)   Hi Friends & Family: Most of you know I have…