From the Bottom of My Heart


From the bottom of my heart, I want to “thank you” for doing this run.

While I can’t imagine your loss, the hope your Jack has given to people like myself is truly a gift … a miracle. After my year last year, I was looking for someone to help and your run has been just that.

The strength my family has given me through donating and being there has given me the strength to continue to fight this melanoma. 

As I walk with family and friends on Sunday, know that Jack is truly in our hearts and is helping us fight this every step of the way!

Your strength has enabled people like myself to be “survivors.”

We carry you in our thoughts and prayers and will be forever grateful for this opportunity to ‘give back’ in such a small way.

~ God Bless and Thank You.

POSTED BY jadmin | Oct, 01, 2007 |