7th Graders join the fight against skin cancer

PBL logoJack’s Fund invited to participate in Problem Based Learning at Hadley Junior.

Subject:  Stop Melanoma … Stop Tanning!

As a way to align real-world work and exploration into the classroom, teachers in District 41 intentionally integrate problem solving into curriculum through Problem-Based Learning. Problem-based learning will enhance the opportunities our students have to be critical thinkers, to collaborate, to create, and to communicate their thinking. As John Dewey once said, “We only think when confronted with a problem.” All schools in District 41, Pre-K through eighth grade, embrace learning environments which are problem-based and solution driven. PBL experiences are built around three key concepts: transformative process, constructive problem solving and real-world engagement. Ideas for PBL can come from all over: teachers, students, media, business, industry, and the media.
One of the most exciting parts of PBL is when students engage with organization and business leaders. Students present their ideas, receive feedback and defend their solutions. Partners from business, industry, and universities may co-teach with teachers, work with students, sit on panels, mentor, bring forward real-world problems for our students to grapple with, and to share ideas for curriculum.


My name is Hillary Shumate and I am the Problem Based Learning Coach for Hadley Junior High school. To learn more about our work in D41 with problem based learning, please visit http://www.d41.org/d41pbl.htm.

I am working with two Health teachers who are about to begin a PBL on skin cancer. They will present the following problem scenario to their 7th graders:

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. In fact, one in five Americans is diagnosed with skin cancer. Despite these staggering statistics, we continue to see people head into tanning booths and bake in the sun. Kids do not understand the seriousness of skin cancer. Help kids in the community understand the gravity of this disease and help kids protect themselves.

We would love to have staff members, board members, and volunteers for the Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund on our panel. Students would present their solutions to this problem to a panel of experts, receiving feedback on their presentation itself and their solution. Panel is set for May 21 from 12:15-2:00.

We’d love to have your support!

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Jack’s Fund President, Sharon Marston and Board of Director, Julia Lederhouse led the kids through different powerpoints and question/answer forums.

For the final grade, the Hadley students brainstormed different concepts to solve the problem. From new websites, specifically directed to middle schoolers to requesting the district to include sunscreen for all kids involved in outdoor extracurricular activities. Many expressed concern that they were unaware of the seriousness of this disease and promised to be life-long advocates of sun safety.  Click here to see more.



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