Glen Ellyn Busy Bee Barbers and Nathan Evans

April 2, 2015

Barbers trained to recognize melanoma … next customer has disease.

Busy Bee Barber Shop

Contacting his family doctor, Dr. Kenneth Lee, he arranged a melanoma information session in which Dr. Lee taught the barbers at the local Busy Bee barber shop how to recognize the warning signs on customers’ skin.

th-1Amazingly, only one hour after Dr. Lee’s presentation, barber Joe Etheridge noticed a suspicious mark on the back of a customer’s neck and suggested he visit his doctor to have it checked.

The customer did, and was diagnosed with melanoma—but because it was caught early, the man made a full recovery after treatment. Learning that melanoma affects men in larger numbers than women and that it often … Click here to READ MORE

Note:  First published in 2005