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Do you have blog entries, photos, webpages, etc. that you would like to share to honor yourself or your loved one?

We have learned that melanoma patients and their friends/families feel alone when they receive their diagnoses.

Our goal is to share as many stories as we can to create a destination where anyone can find reassurance that they are not alone and find comfort in that knowledge.

Thank you for helping to raise awareness and to promote healing by sharing your experience.

Please feel free to send us any information you would like to share, this is another very powerful way to make a difference in the fight against melanoma.

We will do our best to incorporate your story into our new site.

Please visit our TESTIMONIAL and PERSONAL STORIES pages to read more.



“Game On” Scholarships – Still Helping Kids Win!

The Board of Directors is pleased to award a four-year, renewable $1,000 “Game On” Memorial Scholarship to a Glenbard West graduating senior. In order for the scholarship to renew each year, the recipient must volunteer 10 hours of service to the Fund’s mission and maintain a 3.0 GPA at their University or College. Selection criteria includes a 4-year cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher, participation in a sport at Glenbard West for four years, and the receiving of a varsity letter. In addition, each applicant submits an essay, explaining how they demonstrated a “game on” attitude in life, including how their effort and enthusiasm have had an impact on family, sports, community and school.

Jack Marston experienced life with a “game on” attitude that was exemplified by his enthusiasm for family, sports and community service. The Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund is committed to reflecting Jack’s values of determination, tenacity, compassion and his competitive “game on” spirit.