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Coaching Blog 8.18.15

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Hi Jack’s Team Runners –
I hope you enjoyed your “shorter” Long Run this past weekend, and I hope your mind and body is telling you that you could have done more miles. If so, that is perfect as now for most of you, we will push the endurance distance even greater with 18 – 20 mile runs over the next five week.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 8.12.15

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Aug 11th, 2015

Hi Jacks Team Runners – great training weather we are having this summer, if you avoid the midday time and complete your runs early am or late evening. We have been quite fortunate this summer with many mid-70 to low 80 degree days.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 7.29.15

July 29, 2015 Coaching Update

Wow – my last update was nearly one month ago!

I hope your training is going well. I am truly sorry for not being able to post more regularly and most importantly, to be there to provide you with encouragement to keep at it.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 6.29.15

June 29th, 2015

Wow – time is flying by!   June is almost over.
Chicago Marathon runners welcome to week 8 and New York Runners welcome to week 5 of training.
Depending on the training plan you are following your Long Run Distance this week is as follows:

Training Week
Beginner Plan
Intermediate Plan

Long Run
Long Run

5 mi easy
11-12 mi easy
3 mi at MGP / 6-7 mi
14 mi easy

New York
4-5 mi easy
9 mi easy
2 mi at MGP / 6 mi
10 mi easy

Continue to set priorities in your weekly schedule to balance family, work and make every effort to get in your training runs.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 6.22.2015

June 22th, 2015
Hi Team – I hope you had an enjoyable Father’s Day with your family this past weekend. 

Chicago team members I hope you enjoyed your first “Cut Back” week and you feel rested and energized to push on with more training.… Read the rest

Coaching blog 6.15.15

June 15, 2015

Hello Jack’s Team Runners.
What a crazy day with tremendous amounts of rain here in Chicago – anyone get a run in today? Hats off to you, if you did.

So when I started writing this – the Blackhawks just scored the first goal in game 6 … I became glued to the TV.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 6.07.15

Hello Team.

Chicago Marathon runners – welcome to week 5 of training where your Saturday Long Run goal is now 9 miles! (perhaps this will be a new personal distance record for you).

New York City team members welcome to week 2 of training – your long run goal is this week is 6 miles.
 … Read the rest

Coaching Blog 5.25.15

Jack’s Marathon Teams:
Chicago and New York City Training Plans and General Notes


NYC Team Members – technically your first week of training starts next Monday June 1st. However, a suggested training plan for this week is given below which is essentially identical to week one.
 … Read the rest

Coach’s Blog (wk 2) 5.18.15

Jack’s Marathon Team:  Chicago and New York City 2015


Hello Chicago Team – I hope you had an enjoyable first week of training.
I trust however, most of us experienced some shortness in our breathing and perhaps difficulty maintaining normal pace due to the high humidity and warm temperatures we experienced this week.… Read the rest

Tribute to Jack’s Marathon Team

Jack’s Marathon Team by Slidely Slideshow… Read the rest