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“This Run’s For Jack” Team Challenge is a unique opportunity for friends, neighbors, school/club groups and businesses to come together helping raise awareness or to honor a loved one.  We encourage teams to include Virtual Runners as well!


Please Note:  2015 Team Names have been pre-loaded into the on-line registration system.

New Teams:  Send an email to

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How Do We Start Team?
What are the Rules and Regulations?
What is the Cost?
How Will Spectators Know We Are a TEAM?
What is the best way for our team to Raise Additional Funds?
What are Categories for Awards?
Can I win an Individual Award for the 5k if I'm on a Team?

How Do We Start Team?

  1. Each member registers separately (Individual, Family or Sponsor) for “This Run’s For Jack.”  IMPORTANT: Team Captain informs team members of TEAM NAME.  On-Line registration will ask for your TEAM NAME.
  2. Drop down list will appear once name (or partial name) is entered. System will ask you to confirm by checking the box.
  3. Roster reports can be provided to Team Captains (if requested).
  4. In case of error, names can be moved around, added or deleted from rosters – contact coordinator.
  5. Team Members can also be added through the VIRTUAL RUNNER registration option.
  6. Team members may also sign up on race day by using cell phones or on-site Kiosks.
  7. Team Captain is encouraged to pickup large teams packets at Packet Pickup on Friday or Saturday. Please inform TEAM COORDINATOR ahead of time.

What are the Rules and Regulations?

1. Each team must assign a “Team Captain”
2. Teams have a minimum of three people
3. All team members must register as a participant (individual, family or sponsor) for “This Run’s For Jack.”
4. Every team member must attempt to finish the 5K – This is not a relay race.
5. Participants can only compete on ONE team.

What is the Cost?

There is no additional cost for joining the team, but you can choose to fundraise to increase your donation amount.

Yes … Fundraising team members are added to your TEAM TOTALS!

Fundraising link can be found at bottom of page.
Honor Sponsor link can be found at bottom of page.

How Will Spectators Know We Are a TEAM?

That is up to you. Each team will have a unique flavor and purpose.

How that is displayed is up to each team.

Some will choose a “uniform,” others will stick together on the course.

We encourage you to show your spirit!

What is the best way for our team to Raise Additional Funds?

Have your Team Captain set up a Fundraising Page (link below).

This page gives you an opportunity to add personal pictures and tell “your story”.

The entire team can circulate the fundraising page through emails and social media sites.

The on-line process makes it simple to customize your fundraising efforts.

You can also collect cash and check donations.

Please know … adding a fundraising component to your 5k experience is up to you!

What are Categories for Awards?

Awards will be distributed to each member of the winning team. Include Virtual Runners!

Most Money Raised (Includes fundraising link totals)

Largest Team (Includes Virtual Runners)

Best Team Name

Fastest Overall Time
For “fastest overall time,” the first three runners from each team to cross the finish line will have their time added together to determine the “team time.” The lowest overall time is the winner.

Can I win an Individual Award for the 5k if I'm on a Team?

Of course! This happens all the time!

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FAQ Document On-Line Registration Instructions

Fundraising Page: TBD

Honor Sponsor: TBD

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