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Genetic markers may predict melanoma survival

Jan 21 2016

Melanoma is the most dangerous and lethal form of skin cancer. But just how long will a patient survive following the removal…

CURE TODAY: Evolution of Melanoma

Jan 18 2016

The Evolution of Melanoma Treatments. Melanoma has been a primary focus in immunotherapy research because of intriguing evidence that some people’s immune…

Good News for President Carter

Jan 02 2016

Good news for Jimmy Carter, but long road for other melanoma patients: New therapies have revolutionized melanoma treatment, but we still have…

FDA Approves Immunotherapy to help Prevent Relapse of Melanoma

Nov 02 2015

Patients with operable stage III melanoma can now receive the immunotherapy drug ipilimumab (Yervoy®) as adjuvant therapy to help prevent recurrence of…

Melanoma-Activating Beta-Catenin Signaling Prevents Immune System Activation

May 15 2015

A team at the University of Chicago is unraveling the mystery behind the mechanism by which melanoma resists most effective immunotherapies.  Researchers are…

Surgeon General Call to Action

May 01 2015

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer Executive Summary CDC.Surgeon General consumer-booklet Jack’s Fund Receives Commendation The Surgeon General’s…

Opdivo Approval – What Cancer Patients Need to Know

Mar 30 2015

What Cancer Patients Need to Know About the Opdivo (nivolumab) Approval CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE: March 13, 2015 | Emily Helck Now that…

PD-1 Pathway Combos Leading RCC Immunotherapy

Mar 16 2015

ARTICLE: Mar 16, 2015: OncLive. Anita T. Shaffer – PD-1 Pathway Combos Lead the Way in RCC Immunotherapy  

Advanced Melanoma Treatment: Merck’s PD-1 Outperforms Ipilimumab

Mar 15 2015

ARTICLE: Mar 2015, Cancer Research Institute.  Merck’s PD-1 Drug Outperforms Ipilimumab for Treatment of Advanced Melanoma.  The success of ipilimumab was about…

New Therapies Improve Advanced Melanoma Survival Rates

Mar 05 2015

ARTICLE: Mar 2015, Immuno-Oncology News. New Therapies Improve Advanced Melanoma Survival Rates. Four years ago, we had nothing to improve advanced melanoma…

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