Jack’s Marathon Team

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Coach’s Blog 10.19.16

Oct 19 2016

  Hey there NYC Jack’s Team Runners – A BIG WOW to you all on your fundraising achievements. Truly awesome job Team.…

Coach’s Blog 10.11.16

Oct 12 2016

Hi Jack’s Team Runners: First this – a big “Congratulations” goes out to all of our Chicago Marathon Team Runners who completed…

Why We Run: Molly (chicago team)

Oct 04 2016

My father was diagnosed with a rare type of Melanoma on the bottom of his foot. An area that rarely gets sun.…

Why We Run: Melissa (2016 Chi-Marathon)

Sep 02 2016

I have gone insane and have decided to run the Chicago Marathon this year! As many of you know, our family lost our…

Why We Run TRFJ2015 Testimonials

Nov 30 2015

This Run’s For Jack 2015 Testimonials Why We Run:  Just a few of the stories shared by participants at TRFJ2015 I’m a…

TRFJ: Five Kilometers of Encouragement and Community

Oct 25 2015

Glenbard West High School Hannah Jackman, Contributing Writer, October 15, 2015 As a highly charitable and involved community, we hear about 5k fundraisers…

JMT 2016 Why We Run

Mar 22 2016

“I run because I can. When I get tired, I remember those who can’t run, what they’d give to have this simple gift I take for granted, and I run harder for them. I know they would do the same for me.” ~ JMT

Coach’s Blog 9.30.16

Sep 30 2016

Hi Jack’s Team Runners; I hope you are enjoying the great fall weather, your training is going well and you are totally…

Coach’s Blog 9.15.16

Sep 15 2016

Hi Jack’s Team Runners – I hope you all are well, your training is going great and you are running injury free. Once…

Coach’s Blog 8.01.16

Aug 03 2016

Hello Jack’s Marathon Team … I hope your training is going well and you are running injury free.   Chicago Runners –…