Meet the Coach

April 13, 2018
Sharon Marston

Welcome to Jack’s Marathon Team

My name is Everett Phillips, and I am your JACK’S TEAM Coach.

JACK’S TEAM was established in 2005 when a group of athletes came together to join the fight against melanoma.  Your fundraising efforts and dedication to raising awareness will truly make a difference.  Our success stems from a unique strength, passion and focus each member brings to the team.  JACK’S TEAM focuses on creating a memorable experience for our runners that lasts well beyond the finish line.

Whether this will be your 1st or 10th marathon, we hope you will find the experience of training for and then running 26.2 miles for the Jack’s Fund personally rewarding. I certainly have in the past completing both Chicago and New York Marathons four times and the 2017 Marine Corp Marathon last year with Jack’s Team. I am taking a year off from running a marathon and will focus more time on being your personal running coach this year.

This coaching program is FREE to Jack’s Team members – it is my way of volunteering for Jack’s Fund and it fulfills my personal commitment as an RRCA certified running coach to give back and help fellow runners. I have been a marathon distance coach for 9 years and received my RRCA Coaching certification in 2013. The programs that we provide are proven training plans that have been used by hundreds of runners to get to the starting line prepared, both physically and mentally, for a successful marathon experience.

We implemented this coaching program four years ago, and we will continue to use a private Jack’s Fund group Facebook page for sharing of team stories, ideas and concerns. Sharon Marston will post my weekly Coach’s Blog on the Jack’s Fund site. I hope you will find this useful – I will provide training details and information on a variety of topics, e.g. types of workouts, stretching, hydration and fueling strategies during long runs.  Matthew Marston will also contribute / assist the team with help on such topics as strength training / stretching and nutrition. I encourage you to participate on Facebook to the extent you desire, and to reach out to me by email or on the phone if you have specific training concerns or questions.

We will forward copies of the marathon training programs to you in May.

I look forward to hearing your story – running history, best race times and details about your marathon day goal and why you decided to run with Jack’s Team.   Feel free to email or call me.

Happy Running!!

Everett C. Phillips

(cell) 630-881-0121