Frequently Asked Questions about Melanoma

General Information about the melanoma awareness and prevention.

Melanoma Risk Assessment

Apr 14 2014

Sun exposure, family history guide risk assessment for melanoma screening       NEW YORK — Several factors can help better define…

Immunotherapy shows promise against melanoma

Jun 04 2014

          By unleashing the immune system to attack skin cancer, researchers have made important strides against melanoma, according…

New Therapies Raise Hope

Feb 17 2014

New therapies raise hope for a breakthrough in tackling cancer By Arthur Allen, (Feb 17, 2014) In the summer of 2012, a…

Hope for patients w/advanced

Mar 26 2014

New therapies giving hope for patients with advanced melanoma OVERVIEW: Although melanoma — the deadliest form of skin cancer — accounts for…

Cancer Treatment: The Killer Within

Apr 02 2014

The immune system can be a powerful weapon against cancer — but researchers are still grappling with how to control it. PUBLISHED…