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June 9, 2014 – Chi26.2 Week 5 / NYC26.2 Week 2 / Nap26.2 Week 1


Well it’s all systems go, all three of our 2014 Jack’s Marathon Teams are now in training. This week’s update will focus on a news blast to update everyone on:
• our team membership status,
• newly created Facebook group page,
• team run details for this Saturday June 14th
• training plan details for each group (and tips for each team).


The forty member strong Chicago Team is entering week 5 of training – only 17 more weeks to go.

I’d like to give a shout out to Jody Ziebarth, Krysti Todd and Shannon Haas – members of our NYC Team – welcome to week 2. Also a big Welcome to Brian McCarthy, Erin Baker, Ellen Creaves and David Czech – new members of our Naperville Marathon Team.

Our Chicago Team is now fixed but both the NYC and Naperville Teams may continue to grow over the next several weeks.



Group Facebook page 2013Jack’s Marathon Teams 2014 Facebook group site created -

Jack’s Fund has created a group page on Facebook for all of our 2014 marathon team members to use.

I encourage you to join this group to post any comments, questions, you may have concerning training and to share your stories and initiate connections with other team members.

I will use this group site to post Team runs and locations where we will meet. I will try to monitor your posts on this page to provide help – hopefully more quickly than via the email currently in use.



jacks marathon team slide show pic

First Group Run -
I am proposing a team run this Saturday at 8:00 am in Glen Elyn.

I suggest we meet at Einstein Bagel’s 443 N Main St in Glen Elyn.

There is Parking nearby and we can run an out and back along the main stem of the Illinois Prairie Path. I will also post details on the Facebook group page later this week. Please let us know if you can make it. Next month I hope we can schedule a group run in downtown Chicago or perhaps in Naperville depending on interest.



The Charts below summarize the respective training plans and target miles for each day of the week.


Chicago Marathon Week 5 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 3 5 R or XT 4-5 Rest 9 REST 21-22
Beginner 3 5 R or XT 5 Rest 9 REST 22
Intermediate 3 6 R or XT 6 Rest 10 REST 25

R or XT = Rest or Cross-Train


The Chicago training plans have not changed much over week 4 except that Saturday’s Long Run distance increases by 1 mile. Please remember all of your runs should all be done at an easy pace. You are still in base building phase. Saturday’s long run will be the first time you run for 90 minutes or longer. This means you will likely run long enough to deplete your glycogen stores completely. Running slowly will help train your body to burn fat stores for energy. However, it is very important that you replenish these energy stores within 30 min after your run. To improve adsorption rate it is best to do this in liquid form with both protein and carbs. There are numerous recovery drinks or protein shakes out there or you can make your own. I like chocolate milk or Slim Fast.

Regardless of the plan you are following Sunday is a Rest day this week. The purpose of this is to allow your body to rest from the stresses you have just gone through over the past 3-4 weeks. Next weeks’ long run is a cut back week (actually fewer miles) also to help your body recover and get ready for the next stress load as we increase your long run miles even further.



NYC Marathon Week 2 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 3 4 R or XT 4 Rest 6 R or XT 17
Beginner 3 4-5 R or XT 4 Rest 6 R or XT 17-18
Intermediate 3 5 R or XT 4-5 Rest 7-8 R or XT 19-21

R or XT = Rest or Cross-Train

The NYC training plan week runs are unchanged from week 1 however Saturday’s long run increases by 1 mile to 6 miles. Focus on running an easy pace – you should be able to sing a song or talk without being winded. Focus on enjoying your running environment. There is no need for speed at this time. Your task is to develop the habit of running 4 days per week all at an easy pace to slowly build endurance.



Naperville Marathon Week 1 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 3 4 R or XT 4 Rest 5 R or XT 16
Beginner 3 4-5 R or XT 4 Rest 5 R or XT 16-17
Intermediate 3 5 R or XT 4-5 Rest 6-7 R or XT 18-20

R or XT = Rest or Cross-Train


Naperville team members, please review my previous 8 Blogs for the Chicago Team on the Jacks Fund site to review topics on Training philosophy (Blogs 2 & 3), week 1 plan and preparing for your first long run (Blogs 4 and 5).

Click on the following link to access these
Once again I encourage you all to be smart runners – avoid running midday on very hot and sunny days – reschedule your runs for early morning or evenings. I encourage you to consider running with a training partner or group. It is amazing how a group can motivate you to get in your runs; there is someone to lean on and also you will feel accountable to help your fellow runner and get out there to get your runs in. If you are looking for a local group to run with, check out the Road Runners Club of America website at


** Please join us if you are able for our first team run this Saturday. I hope to see you there.**

Keep up the strong effort. Stay focused on your plan. Your dedication will pay off.

Happy Running.




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