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Chi26.2 Week 17 / NYC26.2 Week 14 / Nap26.2 Week 13 (Sept 1st, 2014)



Hi Jack’s Team Runners:

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. If you ran a race this weekend please share your experience with me by sending me an email at or post to the Team Facebook site. We’d like to know how things went and especially if you had a particular challenge you had to overcome.


Tips for this week:

  • Try these five Yoga exercises to work on your core. As we all continue to build miles into our training it is important to spend some time on stretching and to strengthen your core. The following article is from the most recent issue of Ultrarunning magazine. You can find additional yoga exercises on YouTube.





  • Nailing down your fuel plan. Many runners struggle to nail down their fuel plan for race day. The best way to start is to practice during all long runs of over 12 – 13 miles. Determining your best plan takes trial and error.


Most experts recommend consuming between 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour during your run – you may want to target ~45 grams of carbs per hr. If you find you are hitting a wall, early in your run you may want to increase your intake a bit to around ~60 grams/hr, but, realize taking in too much carbs all at once can cause GI distress. One strategy to minimize GI issues is to consume your energy supplement in small portions more frequently for each hour of exercise.


There are an endless list of sports drinks and forms of energy supplements such as gels, Gus, beans, chews, bars to choose from. Complicating matters is that for each form or Brand out there they can also vary in carb content, protein content, caffeine, and sodium/potassium levels.


The following article should provide more detail than you really want on the various “Sports Drinks” out there. However, it does summarize the suggested intake for carb and sodium during exercise.




Review which sports drink is available on the course of your particular marathon and practice using it to see if you like it.


goo1If you prefer to use water only on the course and use your on fuel supplement then test out various Brands. If you get an upset stomach after taking in a full gel or Gu package then consider spreading out the intake over each hour by using a chewable – such a Chomps, Chews or Shot Blocks.   Read the package carefully so you know how many pieces to consume to get the desired grams of carbs. Pay particular attention whether it contains caffeine or not and amount – some are laced with added 1x or 2x caffeine. Also most Brands now have as an option certain formulations with extra sodium, for example, GU Salted Caramel or Cliff Shot Block Margarita Lemon Lime both have ~3 times the normal sodium level. These might be useful in the second half of your long run to replace salt levels after perspiring for two of more hours.   Chase each gel or chew or block with a small amount of water.
As a rule of thumb:


o   Most sports drinks provide ~15 g of carbs per 8 oz.

o   Most gels provide 23-28 grams of carbs

o   Most chewables come in packages of 23 to 32 g of carbs per serving but varies greatly with 4 to 8 grams of carbs per chew depending on the Brand. Read the label carefully especially the small print for caffeine content.


Remember to write down what you did and what worked so you can continuously revise your plan.


  • Know Thy Sweat Rate: please see that following Runner’s World article to determine your sweat rate during one of your shorter week runs.   




  • Recovery after the Long Run – Typically it is recommended to consume 1.0 to 1.2 grams carbs per kilo of body weight and ~6-20 grams of protein within 30 min of completing your long run. Take the amount you weight and divide by 2.2 to give the grams of carbs needed (for example, 145 lbs à 66 grams of carbs). Protein intake is very important to help with muscle recovery. Use a recovery drink with approximately a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of carbo to protein. Once again there are a plethora of choices out there but Chocolate milk or Slimfast is a great option for those runners who do not want to purchase expensive Carb+Protein sports drinks.


Let’s review the training plans for this week according to each target marathon:


Chicago Week 17 Training Plan – 6 WEEKS TO GO!!

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 6 R or XT 7 – 8 Rest 18 * R or walk 35 – 36
Beginner 4 8 ^ R or XT 5 – 6 Rest 20 * R or walk 37 – 38
Intermediate 4 8 ^ R or XT 8 – 9 Rest 20 * R or walk 40 – 41



* consider adding 1 mile walk after Long Run at Easy Pace, to increase time on your feet.

^ Tempo workout (or Hills): 1 mile warm-up easy pace, then 6 miles at Tempo pace,  followed by 1 mile cool down easy.
Alternatively, integrate 5 to 6 Hill repeats on a 0.25 mile hill (see Aug 17th update for workout recommendations).



NYC Week 14 Training Plan – ENJOY a LONG RUN CUT BACK WEEK

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 6 R or XT 6 Rest 12 R or XT 28
Beginner 3 – 4 7 ‘ R or XT 5 – 6 Rest 14 R or XT 29 – 31
Intermediate 4 8 “ R or XT 8 Rest 16 ** R or XT 37 – 38


Beginner – Tempo workout: 2 mile warm-up at easy pace then 3 miles at Tempo pace, followed by 2 mile cool down easy pace.

Intermediate: Tempo workout: 2 mile warm-up at easy pace then 4 miles at Tempo pace, followed by 2 mile cool down easy pace.

** Intermediate runners consider doing last 3 to 5 miles of Long Run at Marathon goal pace (if conditions allow).



Naperville Week 13 Training Plan

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 5 R or XT 6 Rest 16 R or XT 31
Beginner 4 6 ^ R or XT 6 Rest 16 – 17 R or XT 32 – 33
Intermediate 4 8 ^^ R or XT 7 – 8 Rest 18 R or XT 37 – 38


^ Beginner – Tuesday workout: 1 mi. warm-up at easy pace then 4 mi. at MGP pace, followed by 1 mi. cool down easy pace.

^^ Intermediate: Tempo workout: 1-2 mi. warm-up at easy pace then 5-6 mi. at MGP pace, followed by 1 mi. cool down easy pace.


Chicago Team Members - Spend some time this week reflecting on your last 18-20 mile long run and Sharpen your strategy: What worked what didn’t ?   Let’s review some important things to consider and refine if needed:


  • Did you load up on some “carbs” two days before?
  • Did you hydrate well and eat a light meal the evening before your Long Run?
  • Eat a good Pre-run meal 60-90 min before run?
  • Mid-run Fuel OK ? (recommended 45 + 10 grams of carbs per hour during your run)
  • Hydration OK ? (hydrate in small amounts as needed by taste – avoid over hydrating)
  • Did you experience stomach cramps or sloushyness during your run? If so reconsider your fuel options and water intake. (Taking in too much carbs can cause GI distress)
  • Clothes good ? – too hot ? any chaffing? If so switch to lighter and wicking fabrics consider Body Glide or Vaseline.
  • Did you feel real sluggish over the last 4 to 5 miles of your run? Was it do to the weather? If not reconsider you Fuel and hydration strategy.
  • Did you consume a recovery drink within 30 min of completing your Long Run?


Beginner and Intermediate Chicago runners continue to integrate a TEMPO or Hill workout into your week plan, preferably by Wednesday at the latest so you can recover from this “Hard workout” before Saturdays Long Run.



NYC Team Members – Welcome to the Sharpening Phase of the training program and enjoy your long run cut back this week. Beginner and Intermediate plans – the Tuesday workout remains similar to past weeks except we introduce the TEMPO run which is at a pace that is 10-15 sec faster than your Marathon Goal Pace. You have been practicing this over the last few weeks. This is a strength exercise and is considered another hard workout. So ensure your other weekly runs are done at a recovery or easy pace in order to minimize your risk for injury. Work on you Long Run fueling and hydration plan.



Naperville Team Members - This week your Long Run distance increases to 18 to 18 miles depending on the plan you are following. Remember to work on you pre-run diet and mid-run fueling strategy as discussed above. Beginner and Intermediate runners – continue to incorporate a few miles at your Marathon Goal Pace into your Tuesday run according to your planned miles.


Keep up the strong effort and please send me an email is you have any questions or concerning


Happy Running to you All!










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