Hitting the Wall


Chi26.2 Week 12 / NYC26.2 Week 9 / Nap26.2 Week 8 (July 28th, 2014)


if you run into a wall


Hi Team –

I hope all is going well with your training.

Last weekend I bonked on a 16 mile long run in the woods in Central Wisconsin.

It was my second 16 miler in preparation for the Fox Valley Marathon in September. So why am I telling you this?

Even us coaches can have an “off” day now and then.

I walked for a minute or two after 10 miles then got back into my cruise pace.

The heat kicked in a bit and I had to walk again for a few minutes after about 14 miles because I became nauseous.

I finished the miles but I didn’t feel wonderful. I rested Sunday instead of riding my Bike, and I have forced myself to get to bed early these last two nights.

Now I feel ready to get back into gear. I hope you all are feeling fully energized.


The training plans for this week for each target marathon are as follows:


Chicago Week 12 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 5 R or XT 6 Rest 14 R or XT 31
Beginner 4 6 ^ R or XT 6 Rest 15-16 R or XT 31 – 32
Intermediate 4 8^^ R or XT 7 – 8 Rest 16 R or XT 35 – 36


NYC Week 9 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 6 R or XT 5 Rest 12 R or XT 27
Beginner 4 6 R or XT 5 Rest 13 R or XT 28
Intermediate 4 8 R or XT 6-7 Rest 15 R or XT 33 – 34


Naperville Week 8 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 5 R or XT 5 Rest 11 R or XT 25
Beginner 4 6 R or XT 5 Rest 12 R or XT 27
Intermediate 4 7 R or XT 6-7 Rest 14 R or XT 31 – 32

Recall R or XT refers to a Rest day or Cross-Train for ~30 minutes. This involves Yoga, swimming, weights, cycling stretching etc.


Chicago team members – Novice runners please continue to stick to the plan with all easy pace running. For those of you following the Beginner or Intermediate training plans you have the option to begin some effort to increase running speed on your Tuesday run (or on Thursday – not both). Break your run of 6 (Beginner) or 8 (Intermediate) into three segments: 2 mile warm-up at your very easy pace, then 2 or 4 miles at your marathon goal pace (MGP), followed by a 2 mile cool down at your easy pace. Now what’s your MPG ? This will typically be a pace that is 30 to 45 seconds (and possibly 1 min) faster than your easy Long Run pace. For example, if you typically run your long runs at a 10 min/mile pace then you might try running at an MPG of 9:15 to 9:30 min/mile. (Check my previous updates for the pace calculator to enter specific ½ marathon finishing times to help give you some direction).

If you have questions about this, please send me an email. I can help you determine the best goal pace for you.


Soon we will be entering the “Sharpening” phase of the training plan where we will slowly and progressively introduce some speed work and hill work into the plan. This will involve Tempo and or Interval work on your Tuesday run, but in preparation for this, it is best to get comfortable with running some miles at your MGP over the next couple of weeks.


Here is an article on boosting your endurance level that you may find useful.


Please email me if you have questions.


I encourage you to step into this slowly to avoid injury.


NYC and Naperville team members – focus on getting in all your training runs at an easy pace. I hope you are feeling energized to continue building the Long Run mileage. Continue to practice your pre-run routine and begin trialing some form of fuel (once) about 5 or 6 miles into your Long Run to see what you like and what works best for you. Refer back to some of my earlier Team updates for additional fueling tips and hydration strategies.


Next Team Run – We are trying to schedule a team run for this Saturday Aug 2 and/or Sunday Aug. 3rd. I am still waiting on responses on who can join us and preferred location. If the group size is large enough I could do a run in Glen Ellyn Saturday and then have a separate group run in Chicago on Sunday (Or Vice Versa). Please let me know if you can make it, your preferred day, and location.


Happy Running!


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