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Welcome to Jack’s Marathon Team!

My name is Everett Phillips, and I am the official JACK’S TEAM Coach.

 JACK’S TEAM was established in 2005 when a group of athletes came together to join the fight against melanoma. Your fundraising efforts and dedication to raising awareness will truly make a difference. Our success stems from a unique strength, passion and focus each member brings to the team. JACK’S TEAM focuses on creating a memorable experience for our runners that lasts well beyond the finish line.

Whether this will be your 1st or 10th marathon, we hope you will find the experience of running 26.2 miles for the Jack’s Fund personally rewarding. I certainly have in the past, and I look forward to running with you as a teammate and being your personal running coach this year.

This coaching program is new and FREE to Jack’s Team members – it is my way of volunteering for Jack’s Fund and it fulfills my personal commitment as an RRCA certified running coach to give back and help fellow runners. 

To date all of my coaching has been done face-to-face, so this will be a new challenge for me, as we will most likely interact by email, Facebook, and/or on the phone to the extent you desire.

Our plan is to set up a private Jack’s Fund group Facebook page for sharing of team stories, ideas and concerns, as well as arranging TEAM runs in the Chicago area.

I also look forward to hearing your story — running history, best race times and details about your marathon day goal and why you decided to run with Jack’s Team.

Below, you will find my “Coach’s Blog,” where I will share my running history/passion and my personal story with Jack’s Team.

I hope you will visit this blog as your resource for training details and information on a variety of topics, e.g. types of workouts, stretching, fueling during long runs, etc.

We will forward copies of the marathon training programs to you by April 1.

Please feel free to email me back and introduce yourself.

I look forward to meeting and running with you!

Everett C. Phillips


2015 Weekly Coaching Blogs/News




2015 Training Schedule: New York City

2015 Training Schedule:  Chicago


5/18/2015 Week 2 Coaching blog This is my second year Coaching the various Jack’s Marathon Teams and last year all of our runners who went to the starting line at both the 2014 Chicago and New York City Marathons – completed the distance.  









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