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Naperville Marathon – November 9, 2014: hi Sharon-I would have loved to meet you too. I have heard you speak when I ran your 5k’s in 2009 and 2010, so I have a very favorable impression notwithstanding missing you this weekend. My run was fine. I got several shout outs from spectators and one or two runners tapped me to show appreciation for the cause I was displaying on my race shirt. Everything about your organization was excellent – great support from Cassandra, Everett and yourself. I would have visited anyone who might have been at the Charity village Sunday morning but I over slept and didn’t have time to swing by. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to do something meaningful to me In memory of my sister, and good luck and God Bless all your efforts. Brian


“This Run’s For Jack” – October 2010 – “I was able to participate in your 5k in October.  It was extremely emotional for me as I drove in the parking lot to see the mass of people participating in your event.  The cause is so personal and I just wept in my car for a while before I pulled myself together and was a part of something that I will remember forever.   You all are amazing and such an inspiration!  Thank you for your efforts and I applaud your success for a cause which needs to find answer.” 

“This Run’s For Jack”- October 2007 -“I’m sure Jack was smiling down at everything that took place on Sunday. He saw families spending time together laughing, friends crossing the finish line, not caring if they were going to be sick, or tired, or wet. He saw people that cared about people, doing whatever they could to contribute.”

“This Run’s For Jack – October 2007 - “From the bottom of my heart, I want to “thank you” for doing this run. While I can’t imagine your loss, the hope your Jack has given to people like myself is truly a gift … a miracle. After my year last year, I was looking for someone to help and your run has been just that. The strength my family has given me through donating and being there has given me the strength to continue to fight this melanoma.  As I walk with family and friends on Sunday, know that Jack is truly in our hearts and is helping us fight this every step of the way! Your strength has enabled people like myself to be “survivors.” We carry you in our thoughts and prayers and will be forever grateful for this opportunity to ‘give back’ in such a small way ~ God Bless and Thank You.”


amy k slide show pix“WHY THEY RUN” – Stories from past marathon teams and 5k participants.

Rock ‘n Roll Team Why they Run

2010 Chicago Why They Run



2013 Why They Run – Chicago Team



Yard Sign“The signs prompted me to go in and get a full body skin check.”

My name is Laura McEnroe. Five years ago, my youngest child was off to Kindergarten and I was turning 40. Life was going along very nicely.  In September, I started noticing signs up for the Run for Jack. I did not think much of them initially. Then when I was at my daughter’s soccer practice and friend and I were talking about the race. I mentioned I noticed a “spot” on my leg while shaving that I did not recall being so dark.

The signs prompted me to go in and get a full body skin check. I really don’t think I would have thought much about that spot had the signs for the race not been up.

I went in and the dermatologist was not overly concerned. But as I did not specifically recall it, she took a biopsy. When I came back to get out the stitches I was told I had a malignant melanoma, and needed to see a plastic surgeon to have additional tissue taken out. I now have a 2-inch scar on my leg but fortunately it had not spread further into the tissue and I only need to follow up every 6 months with my dermatologist. As I said, if it were not for the signs for the Run for Jack race, I don’t know when I would have gone in. I was fortunate that it was not more serious, but for countless others it is.

The Jack Marston fund is wonderful and needed organization and it truly shows that his death was not in vain. It has not only made myself more aware but countless others.

Julia TRFJ10.22.06 056 slide showJulia’s Story: 

As a young girl, I always imagined 16 as the perfect age. It’s the year teenagers earn their driver’s licenses, attend prom and visit colleges. In my young eyes, a sixteen-year-old’s life was filled with promise. As I began my junior year of high school, however, I learned my “sweet sixteen” would be a far different experience than I had anticipated.

On August 29, 2003, my world flipped around when I learned my school physical had lead to a diagnosis: Advanced Melanoma. Before that day, I couldn’t define “melanoma.” I thought skin cancer affected middle-aged men and elderly women who never wore sunscreen. Yes, I was blonde and fair-skinned, but I felt healthy. I was sixteen.  

Julia’s Story … As a young girl

Julia is now a member of Jack’s Fund Board of Directors, and inspiration to many and helping to deliver a sun safe message to young people.



TRFJ 2010 021This Run’s for Jack – from a Physician’s perspective

This run’s for Jack represents the “cheerleaders headquarter” for me. It is the breeding ground for spirit and hope.

Not just for the patients, but for the cheerleaders.

It’s an event that ignites amazing efforts to unite in the fight against melanoma – it provides hope and inspiration, and the heart-warming feeling of belonging and community. 

I have participated in several This Run’s for Jack events and it has become a regular commitment on our family’s fall calendar.

I appreciate this opportunity to connect with my patients and their cheerleaders, and am taken away by the teams that are created around each of our melanoma patients.


I always arrive happy and with a mind full of expectations, and leave with a body covered with “goose bumps” (quoting my 6 year old daughter) and a heart filled with hope and passion.   READ MORE:



Green TeamTHE GREEN TEAM (in memory of Jill Darr).

“We found out about your foundation 4 years ago when we lost my aunt to Melanoma and I can not tell you how much the Jacks Fund walk has helped us. This September my family and I will be hosting a Melanoma Benefit at Hawthornes Backyard in West Chicago. We are going to be doing a double elimination bags tournament along with raffles, a bake sale, and gift baskets. My reason for emailing you is because my family and I would love if your foundation would be apart of this day. You have helped us through our hard times and this is our way of giving back. On the day of the walk we are ‘The green team’ we walk for Jill Darr and all money raised on the day of the walk will be donated to the Jacks Fund Foundation in her name. If you have any questions please let me know, feel free to pass the word about the benefit onto friends and family.  Thank you” ~ Autumn Weightman    READ MORE:  Green Team copy


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