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October 19, 2016
Sharon Marston


Hey there NYC Jack’s Team Runners – A BIG WOW to you all on your fundraising achievements. Truly awesome job Team. FYI this past Sunday at the “This Run is For Jack 5K” in Glen Ellyn some of our Chicago Team members presented a check for $80K to the Jack Marston Melanoma Fund on behalf of both the Chicago and NYC marathons teams. Once again great work and dedication.


Before I cover the NYC training plan I thought I’d jot down some tips to be thinking about over the next few weeks to get prepared for the “Race Like No Other“.

  • Download the NYC Subway map onto your I-Phone or Android device. This is an excellent tool to navigate the subway system in NYC. You can also use it to get directions and recommendations for transfer depending on where you are heading. Chances are whether you are taking the bus from the Library or the Ferry to Staten Island for the start of the Marathon – you will need to use the subway very early Sunday morning. So begin familiarizing yourself with the various subway lines and how to get around from your Hotel location. Note: I always buy a 7 day subway pass for ~$30-32, I never have to worry about fumbling for change or standing in line to buy tickets. You don’t need to use taxis in NYC – most of the times you can walk faster.
  • Download the TCS NYC Marathon App that was launched this week. Search for your bid number and track yourself. Share this with your family so they can track you during the marathon
  • Print out a map of Central and Lower Manhattan and circle Key land marks:
    • Central Park and finish line location – note this is a good place to go and visit the Finish Village on Friday and Saturday (before the marathon) – you can see the winners metals, course map, listen to speeches or live music and have your photo taken – simulating you finishing
    • Grand Central Station
    • Central Library
    • Times Square
    • Ferry Terminal
    • Garvis Conference Center – site of EXPO
  • Consider Reading the book “A Race like No Other” by Liz Robbins. You should be able to find a copy at your local Library. This is an excellent book that provides some history around the NYC Marathon, why it has become such an International Marathon and Liz summaries the life and race experiences of ~12-13 Charity Runners through the 5 boroughs of NYC.
  • Start to collect Race Day items – that you will need while you sit and wait between 2.5 to 4 hours on Staten Island before your wave goes off. Supplies needed will very much depend on the predicted weather. Perhaps you have some old running stuff you don’t mind disposing of, but if you don’t , then visit a Goodwill or 2nd hand clothing store and consider collecting the following:
    • Thin mylar sheet (from previous marathon) as a blanket to sit on
    • Old sweat pants
    • Hooddie and extra top layers to keep warm
    • Disposable thin gloves to keep your hands warm – possibly multi layers
    • Warm Hat – although Dunkin Donuts hands out colorful beanie hats to all runners in the race village – these are great to wear and then give to a kid along the race course.
    • Ear muffs or head band – if its cold
    • Note: due to security – all materials must be carried in the clear plastic NYC marathon gear bag – don’t bring old sleeping bags or duffle bags with stuff – you won’t get these past the double levels of security.
  • Restock your fuel supplies – make sure you have everything you need for your marathon


So here were Go NYC Team Members – Only 3 weeks until your Marathon Day and Welcome to the Taper phase of your training.


During the next few weeks you will drastically cut back on your mileage to allow your body to fully recover from all the stresses of the running you have done over the last 19-20 weeks! I hope your last “20 or 22 miler” went very well and you practiced your fuel strategy for marathon day!


Your long run this week is only 12 miles


Week 20 Training Plan – 3 WEEKS TO GO!!   Taper Time!!

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Beginner 3 6 Rest or
5-6 Rest or
12 Rest/walk 26-27
Intermediate 3 6 Rest or
3 mi @ MGP
Rest or
12 – 14 Rest/walk 26-27


If you have been reading past Chicago Team updates you will know that Speed or Hill work during the Tapper phase is not recommended in order to avoid the risk of injury. Focus running all miles easy.


And the training plan for next week beginning Oct 24th is as follows;


NYC Week 21 Training Plan – 2 WEEKS TO GO!!   and still Tapering

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Beginner and Intermediate 4 6 Rest or
6 REST 8 Rest/walk 24


Yes your Long Run next week (the week before your marathon) is only 8 miles!



As you cut back the miles this week and next – you may notice your appetite remains quite high. Be mindful of how much you eat as you won’t be burning so many calories. Focus on heathy meals with lots of salads, fruits and vegetables and kill the soda, burgers and fatty snacks. Also save the Carbo loading for the week before the NYC marathon.


I encourage you all to spend some time to think over your race goals. Develop your three Goals

  • A Goal or Plan – the big goal. This is where all the stars are aligned, you are healthy and injury free, weather is great and nothing can stop you,
  • B Goal or Plan – the most realistic goal. This is where some things may not be ideal, it could be the weather, it could be a minor muscle stiffness, but, you are determined to try and raise above it, to the challenge yourself and succeed even if you have to slow down and run your normal training easy pace.
  • C Goal or Plan – this is needed from time to time – and often is precipitated by extreme weather especially heat – or something out of the ordinary – it’s important to know what your ultimate full back plan is – what are you going to do to make sure to get to the finish line?   For example – this might be to convert to a run-walk strategy such as 5 min run – 1 min walk to push forward past each water station and to cross that finish line.


For you first time marathoners – remember – by finishing your marathon – you will set a new Personal Record (PR) so it doesn’t matter what your time is – you can always work and train to break this PR later. The key is – what do you do to stay focused and running happy so you enjoy your marathon experience?


You know that you have put in the training, trust in yourself and be confident that you will be ready come marathon day. Good luck to you all in your final few weeks of training. Send me an email at if you have any questions.


Run Easy and Run Happy.

Coach Everett




Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016

Time:  4:30 – 6:30 PM

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant (NYC landmark)
206 E. 60th Street
MENU: Salad, penne w/marinara, chicken,
fresh bread, fountain drinks, iced tea, coffee, and cookies.

Complimentary to JMT. Guests welcome $27/person.
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