Coach’s Blog 10.11.16

October 12, 2016
Sharon Marston


Hi Jack’s Team Runners: First this – a big “Congratulations” goes out to all of our Chicago Marathon Team Runners who completed their Marathon Sunday. It was truly a spectacular day and the crowd support was amazing. Take pride in your amazing accomplishment and take some time off, enjoy 3 to 4 days of total rest before attempting to run again. Do some walking and let those micro tears in your leg muscles mend. Wear or display your medal proudly either at work or at home.


Over the next few days do some walking. Apply ice, gently roll and do some light stretching or yoga to work any sore muscles. Ease back into running, if you want, on Thursday of this week. Keep your Pace very slow – focus on some recovery runs of only 3 to 4 miles a few days a week and slowly build back to 5 to 8 mile runs over the next 2 or 3 weeks. Remember, it takes 3 to 4 weeks for your body to fully recover from a marathon.


You all did an amazing job! Sharon, Carmen and I were so happy to see everyone finish safely and with smiles on your faces! For many of you, this was your first marathon and you set a new Personal Record.   A number of you posted some amazing finishing times and or your beat your own time goals. Take some time to reflect on the things you had to overcome during the marathon, how you stuck to it to finish despite the challenge or pain.   Think of all the happy things you experienced during your marathon. Over the next week or two sit down and set yourself a new running goal; it does not have to be another full marathon but having a new goal will motivate you to get back into running again.   Focus on enjoying your run, go slow and enjoy the fall colors.


Secondly – Congratulations to the Jack’s Chicago Team who collectively (at the time of the Chicago Marathon) had raised over $53K for melanoma research and awareness. That is truly an awesome achievement and it shows in addition to your determination to train hard, your commitment to devote energy and time to fundraise for a great cause. Well Done!!



Now it’s your turn NYC Jack’s Team Members!


It is just under 4 weeks until your Marathon Day. This is your last hard week of training. Your Long Run this weekend is 20 miles, however, I encourage you to consider walking or if possible, slowly jogging an additional 2 miles for a total of 22 miler – in order to practice the time on your feet. This can prepare you mentally for marathon when you realize you only have to go another 4 miles as opposed to 6 more miles on Marathon Day.   This is your last opportunity to practice your fueling strategy, to break in any new clothing or shoes for marathon day. Good News – you will start the Taper phase of your training next week.   You are almost there – so hang tough.


Week 19 Training Plan – 4 WEEKS TO GO!!  

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Beginner 4 6 – 7 Rest or
5 – 6 Rest or
20 – (22**) Rest/walk 35 – 39
Intermediate 4 10
5 mi @ MGP
Rest or


Rest or
20 – (22**) Rest/walk 42 – 44

** consider walking 2 miles after your long run of 20 miles to increase time on your feet


If you have been reading past Chicago Team updates you will know that that this is the very last week of any Speed or Hill workouts and in fact these types of workout can be dropped from your plan this week to minimize risk of injury. Also there should be no running fast during the Tapper Phase beginning next week. Focus running all miles easy.


Looking forward to next week as you enter the Tapper Phase the training plan is as follows:


NYC Week 20 Training Plan – 3 WEEKS TO GO!!   Welcome to the Taper

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Beginner and Intermediate 3 6 Rest or
5-6 REST 12 Rest/walk 26 – 27


Again all runs are easy runs – absolutely no speed or hill work or intense workout During the Tapper.   Your long run next week will drop to a short 12 miler and then to only 8 miles the weekend before your marathon!


I encourage you all to spend some time to think over your race goals and develop your A plan, B plan and C plan for Marathon day. You know that you have put in the training, trust in yourself and be confident that you will be ready come marathon day. Good luck to you all in your final few weeks of training. Send me an email if you have any questions.


Run Easy and Run Happy.

Coach Everett


INVITE:  Local team members – please join us at  “This Run’s for Jack” 5k, Sunday, October 16.  The team will present a check from the stage to the Board of Directors. No need to register, but if you want to run, use code JMT2016 under the sponsor tab for complimentary entry.  Wear your team shirt!!