4th of july at Jack's FundJULY 4TH PARADE – IT’S NOW A TRADITION !


For the past five years, Jack’s Fund has participated in the Glen Ellyn 4th of July Parade and handed out OVER 20,000 FREE SUNSCREEN PACKETS!

A large group of volunteers walk in the parade and hand out free sunscreen to the crowd.

By involving young people in our mission, we CHANGE behaviors. 

In 2013, 3,500 sunscreen samples were distributed. 

We receive many “thank you’s” from mom’s with young children, teens and seniors.


4th of july parade


2005 “The Spirit of Jack Marston” by The Roake Family – read more here

 Participating in the 2005 Glen Ellyn Boat Regatta started as a whim with my 10 year old son, Alex, in February. After many days of deliberation and much sweat on the part of my husband Scott, we began constructing a boat in the middle of June. Once we had the shell of the boat we needed a theme. We knew the theme of the 2005 Glen Ellyn Fourth of July festivities had to do with volunteers of Glen Ellyn, so automatically we thought of one of the most dedicated and beloved volunteers we have ever known: our neighbor, Jack Marston. Jack was a person who taught all of us how to be an important part of our community. It was a unanimous decision amongst the parents and children who participated in the boat to name the boat in honor of Jack. Thus, our boat was called “The Spirit of Jack Marston”.



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