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Jack’s Fund is dedicated to helping survivors cope with the loss of a loved one and is actively seeking meaningful ways to commemorate the wonderful lives cut short by melanoma.



Please visit our TESTIMONIAL and PERSONAL STORIES page for more tributes.

Rock ‘n Roll Team Why they Run

2010 Chicago Why They Run

2013 Why They Run – Chicago Team




Do you have blog entries, photos, webpages, etc. that you would like to share to honor yourself or your loved one?

We have learned that melanoma patients and their friends/families feel alone when they receive their diagnoses.

Our goal is to share as many stories as we can to create a destination where anyone can find reassurance that they are not alone and find comfort in that knowledge.

Thank you for helping to raise awareness and to promote healing by sharing your experience. 

Please feel free to send us any information you would like to share, this is another very powerful way to make a difference in the fight against melanoma.

We will do our best to incorporate your story into our new site!

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rnr 4 ss picRunning for Tami slide show picTRFJ2013 family tent angel shoe slide show pic
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