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2015 GOAL:  Raise $100,000 for melanoma research and awareness.



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Join Jack's Chicago Marathon Team



Follow these 4 easy steps to join Jack’s Team


1.  Complete JOIN JACK’S TEAM Information (click on button above).

2.  REGISTER or SWITCH OVER using Jack’s Fund Bank of America Chicago Marathon link.   


Log back into the ATHLETE CENTER using your Pre-Lottery Registration CODE AND EMAIL.

Switch over to Jack’s Fund Charity and your registration info will now appear in our portal.

b) REGISTER: NEW Runner – did not register in pre-lottery:

 Click here for Jack’s Fund Charity Link

3.  Return Fundraising Commitment and Donation Guarantee.

POST-LOTTERY Minimum $1,500

4.  After approval, VERIFY your Registration in the BACM Athlete Center.

Total process involves: 

- Registration by runner

- Approval by Jack’s Fund 

- and Verification by runner 

Set up your personal fundraising page with Crowdrise (link below)

Train with the team and our Certified Coach, Everett Phillips

Click here to meet our Marathon Director, Carmen Valentino





marathon team 2007.slide showJack’s Team Member Perks

  • Alumni members of Jack’s Team receive personal invitations and special incentives.
  • Complimentary Entry – Qualify for free entry in Bank of America Chicago Marathon ($185 value) if fundraising total is at $500 by June 1, 2015.
  • Jack’s Team Swag -  ASICS tech race shirt, hat, sunscreen, lip balm longsleeve cotton shirt and more …
  • Personal website for online fundraising.
  • Weekly DEDICATION runs.
  • FREE team training by RRCA certified coach and past Jack’s Marathon Team member.
      • Facebook Group Page for sharing ideas and experiences with your teammates.
      • TEAM runs at rolling locations.
      • Nutrition Tips.
      • Weekly Coaching.
      • Individualized Training Schedules.
  • Team incentive prizes for meeting or exceeding fundraising goals.
  • Team Pasta Dinner – Free to Jack’s Team members.
  • Race Day Rally Stop for Supporters (13.2 mile).
  • Race Day Hospitality Room at the Congress Hotel over looking Michigan Avenue
      • Convenient Gear Check in room
      • Massage
      • Food and Beverage
      • Indoor Potties
      • Family Members Welcome



JMT 2011 slide show

Minimum Fundraising Goals

  • All runners joining the team are encouraged to raise $1,200 (pre-lottery) and $1,500 (post-lottery).
  • Jack’s Team pays your entry fee ($185) into the Chicago Marathon if fundraising totals are at $500 by June 1.
  • Special fundraising incentives (prizes) to be announced at a later date.
  • Jack’s Team provides a free online fundraising page and other fundraising support. 

$1,200 (Pre-Lottery)

$1,000 (Alumni)

$1,500 (Post-Lottery)


Simply go to the START A FUNDRAISER link below to setup your personal page and then click the big FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button and you’ll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of our Team – READ MORE

Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise




jf_jacksteam_6What We Ask of You

  • Join Jack’s Marathon Team 2015.
  • Register with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon (code/link provided by Jack’s Fund).

 - REGISTRATION – Using Jack’s Fund unique code, register and submit. Your name will be entered in the Athlete Center as pending.

- VERIFICATION OF REGISTRATION – MUST go back in and confirm that all information is correct.  This will move your name from pending to complete in the Athlete Center.

  • Meet or exceed the fundraising goal
  • Hotel and Transportation





Jack’s Team Fundraising jf_jacksteam_1Success


Since 2005, Jack’s Marathon Teams have raised over $600,000. Proceeds benefit the Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund and drive vital research and awareness programs approved or provided by the Fund.

2011 Team Photo Gallery

2014 Team Why They Run

2012 Team Photo Gallery

2013 Team Why They Run

2012 ING NYC Marathon Team Photo Gallery



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