Slow and Easy


Chi26.2 Week 9 / NYC26.2 Week 6 / Nap26.2 Week 5 (July 7th, 2014)

 be proud of every step

Hi Team -

NYC team members enjoy your “cut back” week.

Recall this is important to recharge your body and allow your muscles and bones time to recover from the past stresses.

Naperville team members your ‘cut back” comes next week.


If you are struggling with the Long Run Distance – please consider the following strategies:

  • Find a running mate to run most or at least the last half of your miles to help pass time and take your mind of the distance.

  • Split your runs up – run 60-75% of the miles in the morning and then the remainder later in the day.

  • Run 1-2 miles and then walk for 1 min and repeat until you cover the distance.


Remember the key is to train your body to be on your feet for the distance of the Long Run (slow and easy – this is no need for speed)


Recall other things to be working on:

  • Exercises to develop a strong core on cross-training days

  • Fuel and hydration plan during your Long Runs

  • Pre-run nutrition and post-run recovery


Some of you have some races coming up.

Take these races as an opportunity to practice your marathon day strategy, in particular consider:

  • Your pre-run nutrition,

  • Organizing your gear

  • Race strategy (overall goal(s)) and fuel / hydration plan

  • Post-race clothes and nutrition


You can use your race finishing times to predict a potential marathon finishing time at the following link:


This calculator will give you a predicted marathon finish time based on the race time for the particular distance you enter.

For those of you following the Beginner and Intermediate training plans this can also suggested paces for the various Endurance Workouts: Long Runs, Easy Runs, Tempo Runs etc.

I will expand on this in more detail in early August as we enter the Sharpening Phase of the training plan.

At that point some of you may want to integrate one Tempo workout into your weekly schedule.


The training plans for this week for each target marathon are as follows:


Chicago Marathon Week 9 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 6 R or XT 5 Rest 12 R or XT 27
Beginner 4 6 R or XT 5 Rest 13 R or XT 28
Intermediate 4 8 R or XT 6-7 Rest 15 R or XT 33-34


NYC Marathon Week 6 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 5 R or XT 5 Rest 6 R or XT 20
Beginner 4 5 R or XT 5 Rest 7 R or XT 21
Intermediate 4 6 R or XT 6 Rest 8 R or XT 24


Naperville Marathon Week 5 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 3 5 R or XT 4-5 Rest 9 R or XT 21 – 22
Beginner 3 5 R or XT 5 Rest 9 R or XT 22
Intermediate 3 6 R or XT 6 Rest 10 R or XT 25

Recall R or XT refers to a Rest day or Cross-Train for ~30 minutes. This involves Yoga, swimming, weights, cycling stretching etc.


I am trying to schedule another Team run for this month. I will keep you posted with possible dates

I hope your training is going well – keep up the effort.


Happy Running!


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