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Chi26.2 Week 7 / NYC26.2 Week 4 / Nap26.2 Week 3 (June 23rd, 2014)


success and failure


Hi Team – Once again business travel has me behind in getting a post out to you.

I hope all of you had an enjoyable Long Run in this past weekend.

The humidity picked up a bit Saturday and I noticed some runners in the group I run with struggled a bit this weekend.

Remember it takes your body several weeks to acclimate to the heat and humidity of the summer.

If your breathing labors during your long run, slow down, and walk for a bit if you have to. Catch your breath. Pretend you are walking through a water stop during race day, take in some water and then continue. Do not get discourage. This is a great strategy to Practice as it may be necessary to fall back to depending on the weather conditions on the day of your marathon.


The key to the Long Run is doing the distance and not speed.

Over the next 12 week we will continue to build your endurance level to sustain running and being on your feet, for hours at a time.


I hope you Chicago team members enjoyed your first “Cut Back” week.

Now it is back to a 10 miler this Saturday.


New York and Naperville team members your long run increases to 7 and 8 miles, respectively.

Continue to practice your Long Run routine.


Check your marathon start time, practice waking early and having breakfast 1.5 – 2 hrs before your Long Run.

You might not believe this now but the Marathon will eventually be just another Long Run.



Our Training Plans for this week are as follows-

Chicago Marathon Week 7 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 4 5 R or XT 5 Rest 10 R or XT 24
Beginner 4 6 R or XT 5 Rest 10 R or XT 25
Intermediate 4 6-7 R or XT 6 Rest 12 R or XT 28-29


NYC Marathon Week 4 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 3 5 R or XT 4 Rest 8 R or XT 20
Beginner 3 5 R or XT 4-5 Rest 8 R or XT 20-21
Intermediate 3 6 R or XT 5 Rest 9 R or XT 23


Naperville Marathon Week 3 Training Plan.

Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Novice 3 4 R or XT 4 Rest 7 R or XT 18
Beginner 3 4-5 R or XT 4 Rest 7 R or XT 18-19
Intermediate 3 5 R or XT 5 Rest 8 R or XT 21

Recall R or XT refers to a Rest day or Cross-Train for ~30 minutes. This involves Yoga, swimming, weights, cycling stretching etc.



Continue to practice your food plan, before and after your Long runs. It’s a good idea to have a smoothie or protein shake within 30 min after long runs of 9 miles or more to help with muscles recover.

Keep note of clothes that chaff – keep them for short runs – test various items for what works best. You may find this depends on how hot or humid it is. Apply Body Glide or Vaseline to areas that need it. Gents – in high heat and humidity conditions – avoid cotton fabrics and use loose fitting dry fit clothing. Protect your chest with sweat proof Band-Aids, guards or apply Vaseline to prevent chaffing.

Check your shoes. As you increase Long Run miles – are you experiencing any blisters, toe issues or soreness in your heal or forefoot? When is the last time you bought a new pair of running shoes? Most runners keep a log of the miles for each shoe and replace them after 400-600 miles. Much of this depends on how efficient a runner they are, the type of shoe and the nature of their foot strike. Keep in mind you will run a little over 500 miles from now until marathon day. So it’s very likely you will need a new pair even if you are running in a relatively new pair now. You will want to test out any new shoes on several long runs before the marathon. I typically have two or three pairs in rotation so I don’t run in the same shoe two days in a row. It is a good idea to break in your new shoes by running between 50-75 miles before race day. I will revisit this in September about four weeks out from Chicago.

If you are experiencing blisters – consider the socks you are wearing. Most running shoe stores have a variety of light weight socks that are form fitting. I prefer Balega (hidden comfort) socks – they are somewhat expensive but are great for long runs. Your socks should not slip along your foot when running. If you are getting some blisters between your toes, apply a little Vaseline just around and between your toes (do not apply on foot).


A number of our Chicago team members have signed up for the following half marathons:

  • Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon on July 20th
  • Peapod Half Marathon on August 24th in Batavia IL


Please let us know if you plan to run one of these races and any other races over the next few months.

We’d love to organize a team tent to support you before and after the race.


New York – Louisville – Michigan – New Jersey – Indiana … any half marathons you’re looking into?


Keep up the strong effort again this week.

Follow your training plan – it will help you get to the start line ready to complete an amazing life experience!

Send me an email if you have any questions.





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