Coach’s Blog #7

May 27th, 2014


I trust you enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. I spent some time trail running in central Wisconsin at my cabin. We are now mid Week 3 of our training plans for Chicago. The Chart below summarizes the training plan for this week. Due to the holiday some of you may have missed a day / or your schedule got mixed up. That is fine – as I have mentioned before it is ok to miss a day or to shorten a run due to time constraints.

The key is to get two mid-week runs in and the Long Run on Saturday or Sunday.


Week 3 Training Plan Miles by Day.

Plan M T W Th F S S Total
Novice 3 4 R or XT 4 rest 7 R or XT 18
Beginner 3 4-5 R or XT 4 rest 7 R or XT 18-19
Intermediate 3 5 R or XT 4-5 rest 8 R or XT 20-21

R or XT = Rest or Cross-Train


The only change this week over Week 2 is your Long Run distance increases by 1 mile. Remember keep your pace easy and stretch for 10-15 min after your runs.


I thought I’d touch on a few things concerning the heat and sun this week because it’s going to get even hotter out there and it may seem we have by-passed normal Spring temperatures of 55-65 oF and have bounced directly into Summer heat of > 75oF.


Remember to:
• Apply Sun Screen (I use a high SPF spray for easy application)
• Avoid Dark colored and tight fitting clothes,
• Hydrate well before and after your runs, and,
• Pay attention to skin irritations and chaffing.


You may notice labored breathing during some of your recent runs. This may be due to the unusual heat and humidity and its effect on your body during your run. This is a sign to you to slow your pace down. It takes a few weeks to a month for your body to acclimate to the increase heat and humidity.


Be smart – avoid running midday on very hot and sunny days – reschedule your runs for early morning or evenings. And remember it’s always ok to walk for a few minutes during a run. Also, consider walking for 5 -10 min after your run to let your body cool down and then stretch.


As your sweat rate increases due to the heat – pay particular attention to areas on your body where skin irritations/chaffing develops. Avoid cotton clothing. Wear Wet Dry or wicking fabrics. Excessive chaffing is a good sign the piece of clothing you are wearing it not for you. For minor areas of irritation you can use Body Glide or rub some Vaseline in the area before your run to help prevent chaffing during your run. As an example, I apply some Vaseline between my toes (not foot) for all runs of more than 10 miles because my feet perspire a lot and without some Vaseline I am prone to blisters on my toes. Keep a mental log of the various clothes that you wear and their impact on your body as you long runs increase in mileage.


Practice this now as this will become a key component of your Race Day preparation to select your best outfit for the Race and to best methods to prevent any chaffing/irritations from occurring during your marathon.


I am keeping this post short this week as I am preparing to celebrate my son’s graduation from college this weekend.

Please keep up the effort and send me an email if you have any questions or training concerns.

Happy Running.


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