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Coaching Blog 6.22.2015

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June 22th, 2015
Hi Team – I hope you had an enjoyable Father’s Day with your family this past weekend. 

Chicago team members I hope you enjoyed your first “Cut Back” week and you feel rested and energized to push on with more training.… Read the rest

Coaching blog 6.15.15

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June 15, 2015

Hello Jack’s Team Runners.
What a crazy day with tremendous amounts of rain here in Chicago – anyone get a run in today? Hats off to you, if you did.

So when I started writing this – the Blackhawks just scored the first goal in game 6 … I became glued to the TV.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 6.07.15

Hello Team.

Chicago Marathon runners – welcome to week 5 of training where your Saturday Long Run goal is now 9 miles! (perhaps this will be a new personal distance record for you).

New York City team members welcome to week 2 of training – your long run goal is this week is 6 miles.
 … Read the rest

Coaching Blog 5.25.15

Jack’s Marathon Teams:
Chicago and New York City Training Plans and General Notes


NYC Team Members – technically your first week of training starts next Monday June 1st. However, a suggested training plan for this week is given below which is essentially identical to week one.
 … Read the rest

Coach’s Blog (wk 2) 5.18.15

Jack’s Marathon Team:  Chicago and New York City 2015


Hello Chicago Team – I hope you had an enjoyable first week of training.
I trust however, most of us experienced some shortness in our breathing and perhaps difficulty maintaining normal pace due to the high humidity and warm temperatures we experienced this week.… Read the rest

Tribute to Jack’s Marathon Team

Jack’s Marathon Team by Slidely Slideshow… Read the rest

Why We Run 2015

Marathon Teams
Please share your story in the form below:… Read the rest

2015 Marathon Shirts

(Swag includes: Asics team shirt, Gildan long sleeve and other surprises)
Please check the spreadsheets below

shirt size,
shirt type
shipping address

(costly to re-print and ship).
If we do not hear from you, we will order what is on the spreadsheet.… Read the rest

Carmen’s Welcome

Dear Jack’s Team Member:
Congratulations and welcome to Jack’s Marathon Team.
We are very excited that you decided to run the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Jack’s Team.  We are committed to making your running experience a great one.… Read the rest

Chicago-Jack’s Marathon Team Crowdrise

Fundraising Page
Setup and Instructions
Simply go to the link below START A FUNDRAISER,
Click on personal page

Then click the big FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button
and you’ll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of our Team.

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