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Why We Run: 2015 Chicago Team

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Why I Run:  For my dad, Bob Muckley

I run to support melanoma research in memory of my father, Bob Muckley.
Dad was always my biggest fan since the day I started running. He sacrificed so much so that I could travel to my races and have the shoes and gear I needed.… Read the rest

2015 Why We Run: My Dad, Lenny

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On March 3rd at 7:16 pm, I got the e-mail I had been so anxiously anticipating for the last 4 years – the note that said I was accepted into the New York City  Marathon!
That e-mail was bittersweet however since it came while I was sitting at my Dad’s bedside in the hospital. … Read the rest

Why We Run: Steve Lutz 2015

Friends, I hope this note finds you all well! I’m back at it again, running and raising money for Jack’s Team but as all great things must come to an end this will be it for me! This will be my twenty third and final marathon!!… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 10.25.15

Hey there NYC Jack’s Team Runners:
A BIG WOW to you all on your fundraising achievements.
Truly awesome job Team!!

So before I repeat from my previous post to the Chicago team of the things to do and not to do over the next 7 days until Race Day I thought I’d share very briefly what is so exciting about the NYC marathon that, to steal from a book title by Liz Robbins, “A Race Like No Other”, what makes it a Marathon like no other.… Read the rest

Coaching blog 10.14.15

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
First a big “Congratulations” goes out to our Chicago Marathon Team Runners on their marathon. Also congrats to you if this was a PR day and everything went perfectly. If you struggled and things didn’t go exactly as hoped or planned – take pride in your accomplishment.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 10.05.15

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
Here we go – 7 days until the Chicago Marathon. Chicago Runners – you have spent 21 weeks training – take some pride in your commitment and reflect on how far you have come. You are – Ready to Run 26.2 miles.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 9.28.15

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
I hope you enjoyed another great weekend, and I hope your training is going well and you are totally free of injury. This is my favorite time of year to get out and run – I really enjoy the cool weather.… Read the rest

Coaching Blog 9.22.15

Hi Jack’s Team Runners -
What a great weekend to get out there and just run! The upcoming week also looks great for cool training weather.

Chicago Runners – I trust you had a successful last 20 (or 22) mile Long Run.… Read the rest

Coach’s Blog 9.16.15

Hi Jack’s Team Runners -
I hope you all had a great week of training. The weather was ideal for running. Hopefully you will experience similar temperatures on Race Day.

Let’s review the key mid-week and long run workouts for this week:
Depending on your marathon date and the training plan you are following the key mid-week workouts and long run distances this week are as follows:

Training Week
Beginner Plan
Intermediate Plan

Long Run
Long Run

6-7 easy
(2 mi @ MGP)
5-6 mi easy
20 mi **
10 mi
(5 mi @ Tempo)
8 mi
HS or 4 mi @ MGP
20-22 mi easy

New York
6-7 easy
7-8 mi easy
16 mi easy
8 mi
(4 mi @ MGP)
9 mi
(4 mi at MGP)
16 mi easy
LRP / 4 mi @ MGP

Notes:  Remember Hills or Tempo workouts involve: a 2 mile warm-up easy then x miles at Tempo pace, followed by 2 mile cool down easy pace.
 … Read the rest

Coaching Blog 9.08.15

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
I trust you all enjoyed the labor day weekend. I also hope you all are having success in meeting your running goals and are injury free. I am a few days away from the Last Chance 26.2 Boston Qualifier in Geneva IL this coming Saturday, and I am getting nervous.… Read the rest