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Jack’s Marathon Team:  Coach’s Blog
Chi26.2 Week 21 / NYC26.2 Week 18 / Nap26.2 Week 17 (Sept 29, 2014)

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
I hope you are all enjoying the amazingly beautiful weather. This is my favorite time of year to get out and run.… Read the rest

Setting Realistic Goals

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Jack’s Marathon Team:  Coach’s Blog
Chi26.2 Week 20 / NYC26.2 Week 17 / Nap26.2 Week 16 (Sept 21th, 2014)

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
What a great weekend to get out there and run! Chicago Runners – I hope you had a successful last 20 (or 22) mile Long Run – Welcome to the TAPPER phase.… Read the rest

Your mission this week …

Jack’s Marathon Team: Coach’s Blog
Chi26.2 Week 19 / NYC26.2 Week 16 / Nap26.2 Week 15 (Sept 14th, 2014)

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
I hope you all had a great week of training.
The weather was ideal for running, but you likely had to dig out some heavier shirts, possibly some light gloves and perhaps a hat to keep warm during early morning runs this week.… Read the rest

Listen to your Body

Jack’s Marathon Team – Coach’s Blog
Chi26.2 Week 18 / NYC26.2 Week 15 / Nap26.2 Week 14 (Sept 8th, 2014)

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
I trust you all enjoyed the past weekend. Great training weather for a Long Run – I hope you all had success in meeting your goals and had fun during your runs.… Read the rest

Know Thy Sweat Rate

Jack’s Marathon Teams:  Coach’s Blog
Chi26.2 Week 17 / NYC26.2 Week 14 / Nap26.2 Week 13 (Sept 1st, 2014)

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. If you ran a race this weekend please share your experience with me by sending me an email at or post to the Team Facebook site.… Read the rest

Smart Training in the Heat

Chi26.2 Week 16 / NYC26.2 Week 13 / Nap26.2 Week 12 (Aug 25th, 2014)

Hi Jack’s Team Runners:
Wow – what a brutal weekend for training.
It has been a very long time since we have had several days of 90+ weather and coupled with nearly 100% humidity – making it hard to breathe maintaining an easy pace.… Read the rest

Surviving the Long Run

Chi26.2 Week 15 / NYC26.2 Week 12 / Nap26.2 Week 11 (Aug 17th, 2014)

Hi Jack’s Team Runners – once again great training weather this week.
I hope you enjoyed the shorter Long Run this weekend and your body is telling you that you could have done more.… Read the rest

Sharpening Phase – Own It!

Chi26.2 Week 14 / NYC26.2 Week 11 / Nap26.2 Week 10 (Aug 10th, 2014)

Hi Team –
Great training weather this week in Chicago.
I trust you enjoyed your long runs this weekend.
We have been very fortunate with mid-70 to 80 degree weather.… Read the rest

Be Proud of Every Step

Chi26.2 Week 13 / NYC26.2 Week 10 / Nap26.2 Week 9 (Aug 5th, 2014)

Hi Team –
Sorry I am late posting the training plans again this week – I have a lot going on juggling work, training and family.… Read the rest

Hitting the Wall

Chi26.2 Week 12 / NYC26.2 Week 9 / Nap26.2 Week 8 (July 28th, 2014)

Hi Team –
I hope all is going well with your training.
Last weekend I bonked on a 16 mile long run in the woods in Central Wisconsin.… Read the rest